For pets and the people who love them 

Do you love animals? Do you sometimes see pets in your area who need a helping hand? Neighborhood Watch for Pets is here to help you help them. You will find information, downloads, and tips that you can use now and share with friends, family and neighbors. It’s all free. And you’ll find stories about people like you who have taken brave steps to help a pet in distress. You can do it too!

Neglect might be unintentional

Most pet owners often don’t mean to be careless or to put their pet in danger. A lack of information or a basic misunderstanding of the needs of their animals may be the cause of neglect and suffering. During their busy lives, owners can be inattentive. Some might not recognize that their behavior could hurt a beloved pet. Letting a cat roam on city streets is one common example. Chaining a dog outside without access to shade or water is another. 

No one but you might see. No one but you might call. They depend on YOU.

Be the power of ONE

You can make a difference by watching out for pets in your neighborhood and helping reduce accidental suffering. Be a voice for the voiceless. You might save a life!