Anonymously tell neighborhood pet owners that their pet needs care, using free, downloadable pocket posters. Scroll down for links to PDF files.

Each pocket poster is 4-1/4 inches wide and 5-1/2 inches high. Four print on one letter size paper. In this specific Pocket Poster, the text urges the animal’s owner to provide water and shade in both languages. Every Pocket Poster is specific to one message.

It’s easy. Put a pocket poster on a door or fence. These free, downloadable PDF files are designed to be mini posters that are easy to make, cheap to print, and handy to keep with you at all times. Each prints on 1/4 of a standard letter size sheet of paper. Just print the file and then cut the printed sheet into 4 quarters.

If you live near Spanish-speakers, print the Spanish language version on the back side of the English-language version. You might not know which language the household speaks but with one language on each side you can still communicate.

Free Pocket Posters on Request

We would be happy to mail you a set of pocket posters printed on both sides, English/Spanish. Just go to the “Contact Us” page in the top menu bar and send us your mailing address.

Download PDFs and Print Locally

See the listing below. Download the English and the Spanish and print one language on each side of the sheet. Use letter size paper, 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches high.




ALL pocket posters in ONE fileEnglish PDFSpanish PDF
“Give your dog more water.”English PDFSpanish PDF
“Your pet needs more food.”English PDFSpanish PDF
“Your dog needs a dog house.”English PDFSpanish PDF
“Your pet needs medical attention.” English PDFSpanish PDF
“Your dog needs shade.”English PDFSpanish PDF
“Your dog needs water and shade.” (Pictured above.) English PDFSpanish PDF
“Your dog needs a wind block.” English PDFSpanish PDF
“Your dog needs straw insulation.” English PDFSpanish PDF
“Your dog needs attention from you.” English PDFSpanish PDF
“Evacuating? Take Pets Too!” English PDFSpanish PDF