Staged photo. No dog was harmed.

Can you call 911 in your area, if you find a pet in a hot car? You need to know.

Educate yourself about the available resources in your area and your state. What are the local and regional agencies responsible for animal control, and do they uphold high standards for animal welfare? What are your state’s animal welfare laws?

Police and Animal Control

Be sure to check your local phone book or online yellow pages for your local police station. This information is often found in the front of local phone directories and many directories also have a section specifically for government offices.

Shelters and Rescues

Search online for the contact information or check your phone book. In addition to the websites listed below you can also search online for: [your county, state] animal shelter.

Animal Welfare Laws by State

Michigan State University publishes the current laws by state. Visit this page.


Check with friends, co-workers and neighbors if you need a recommendation for a vet in a specific area. Web site resources include:

Remember, good information can make a life-saving difference when you encounter an animal in distress. Always carry your completed Wallet Card or pre-load contact info to your phone for all animal related agencies in your region.