Complete the wallet card and keep it in your wallet.

Fill out a downloadable wallet card (PDF) to help keep important phone numbers with you. It folds to business card size and is so easy to use.

Click here to view the PDF and download.

PLEASE NOTE that each municipality has procedures for animal control, so phone numbers change when you cross boundaries, and unfortunately it is not always easy to discern when crossing into a different municipality. Carry phone numbers for all municipalities you travel frequently.

IMPORTANT: research your region to learn which animal control agencies and authorities you can trust to uphold compassionate animal welfare standards. While many municipalities are responsible and caring about the animal lives in their facilities, others are quick to end lives for convenience or budgetary reasons. Talk with shelter staff, local rescues, and veterinarians to learn how your municipality would handle a stray or sick animal or a neglectful, abusive owner.

While you’re at it, make extras to give to family and friends. Anyone who uses a cell phone probably will appreciate having these important numbers with them when they’re on the go. Remember, when in doubt about an animal’s condition or situation, always call the authorities. They are trained to cope with similar situations. And you don’t have to give your name if you would rather not.